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One of Murakami Productions signature design is to take our 120 in wide projection screen and use it as the centerpoint of the stage design. Instead of having a blank screen we make a banner design based on your theme and project it from start to finish. This will also help in not having to make a banner yourself and trying to hang it on the wall in your venue.

During slideshow time there are no pauses or interruptions in your party to set up the projector and screen. The slideshow is already ready to go at anytime to help with a smooth, non-stop party. We can also help in designing your slideshow, with the songs of your choice.  All you have to do is provide us with around 120 pictures and your song choices. We will take care of everything and make sure you have a memorable slideshow for your Birthday, Wedding, or event.

Please look at our pictures and you can see how it looks and some of our designs.

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