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We know how stressful, tiring and demanding planning and coordinating a party can be. It's very hard to know who to call, who you can trust, and what you need in a party. It's even harder as a parent or new parent. You have to call the DJ, entertainer, balloon vendor, decorator, photo booth, etc.
Michelle can help take away a lot of the stress and worries of planning and coordinating your party. All you have to do is plan with Michelle all the things your want in your party and she can make sure they are there. Working in the industry she can suggest recommended vendors that she has worked with. She will make all the calls and planning. She will also suggest things that you may or may not need. Her goal is to make sure you only pay for what you really need. She wants to have a smooth, fun, non-stop entertaining party. 
Give her a call and you will love her warm and caring personality that will give you calm in this stressful time.

Pastel Gradient

Planning an event at Kabayan Hall and want to know how much it will cost?

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